happy becumin birthday myself.. bosannye.. tk pnh dpt rase ade bf dtg on my birthday n celebrate 2getha wit me..
dr dlu pn faizul mmg keje je on 1st feb evry year.. tp thn ni.. we no longer together..
sedih la..

i need sum1 for me to share my tears and laugh..
sum1 dt cn be my shoulder 4 me to lean on..
sum1 to can take care of me and show his luv to me..

i sacrifice everytg 4 my own satisfaction.. but im becomin worst hr demi hr..
blaja pn truk gyler..ntah.. bln ni pn mls gyle nk tulis blog.. n smenye dh berakhir smlm.
thnx 2 him..

i will never blame him.. that wus absolutely not his mistake but mine.. im regret..
its painful.. but for the sake of him..i will sacrifice everythg...
i do luv him....so dem much..
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