uwa!!!!life in IIUM actually is not as good as what ppl said!!
no tv,no cc, no wireless!! OMG!! what the hell i wanna do here?? study?? Gosh..
I'm sick of this... God!! please help me..
with 2 subjects+24hours per day= make ma life like hell here!! I miss my hubby... =(
Yesterday I went to nite market(huh??) ;p sooOo..suxXx!! It wuz tOo far!!
if I manage to calculate it myself, I'm wonder how much calories of mine dat I oredy loss!!
my muscle and joints started to arghh!! so damn sick.. cannot even turn to left and right when I sleep!
I need transportation!! I need motorcycle!! bicycle!! OMG!! gimme my own car!!

but actually.. I'm really2 thankful to God.. to make my life better..even I need to walk for 2miles per hour..
I'm glad..I'm glad to have my frienda.. my hubby.. thanx guys!! hope dat we will able to complete our degree!!!

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