Traveling overseas soon?

Have you called home while traveling abroad lately? Are you a Celcom/Maxis/Digi customer in Malaysia?

If your answers are both a ‘Yes’

Flexiroam is introducing the new Unlimited Roaming Pass!

What is Roaming Pass?

1. It works like an air ticket! You just need to print.
2. Tell Flexiroam when you are traveling, and they'll will handle the rest.  
3. The unlimited roaming pass is a simpler way to use FlexiRoam

...Then all you need to do is to print the pass and bring it along. 

How does it works?

1. First, login to your account page (www.flexiroam.com/login) and click “Get a pass now” at your dashboard. 

Then, select the country you are going to, enter your departure date & arrival date.

2. Check your pass details and make sure it’s correct. If you have existing credits in your account, you will be able to purchase the pass with your credits.


Once you click “Pay now”, you will be brought to a secure payment gateway, enter your payment details.

3. After payment is made, you will be brought back to your account page.

4. Print the pass and bring it along when you travel. It contains an auto-generated userguide with your Flexi Number and PIN number.

P/S: Please take note that there have been changes to the user guide. You no longer need to do the steps “SMS START” & “SMS STOP”

...WAIT! Flexiroam is now having a promotion!!

Here's a promotion for you to grab! FREE 3-days ROAMING Passes for youu. 

1. Sign up at http://www.flexiroam.com/free/my/login/ - It's easier for you to Sign up with Facebook
2. Get your first RM10 credit upon registering
3. Share Flexiroam link on Twitter & Like Flexiroam at Facebook
4. Get your RM30 credit - (3 days UNLIMITED roaming passes is now yours!)
5. Total FREE credit is RM40 = 4 Days FREE Unlimited call

This is mine.. ;)

P/S: Promotion valid until 31st August 2011. Hurreyh!! =)

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