What the hell is wrong with our society?

..as what our former Prime Minister said few days ago.

He believes that movies depicting ghosts only promote belief in mythical beings and this was counter-productive to efforts to build a society with a more scientific approach to solving problems.

Itu kan common sense,

“We, especially Muslims, should know that only Allah has the power over everything,”

Jadi kenapa film producers berlumba-lumba nak bikin filem sebegitu agaknya?

Remember, habit don't die fast. Once you picked wrong way of thinking, a habit and nobody corrects you, you'll never  change man.. Jika sejak kecil lagi we feed our kids and teenagers with those kind of films we will destroy them in the future. Their brain will NEVER grow! It's a mental concept you have to accept.

Can anyone tell me, apa motif sebenarnya filem sedimikian dibikin? To scare the kids? To give false information or to just eager to make money just because Malaysian loves to watch such kind of movie?

Cmon, grow up kids.

Dr. Mahathir said Malaysians should now concentrate on adopting more scientific methods in solving problems.

“Without using scientific methods to identify and solve problems, we would only be guessing how to tackle the problem.”

Kenapa takda producer nak come out with any scientific films which encourage the kids to think, learn and discover. Just because tak ada orang nak tonton maka tak perlu buat?

Yes, HABIT DON'T DIE FAST. We've been feeding our young generation since 30, 40 years ago when our film industry just started.

Why is it many people can't see it?

I remember talking to my former broadcast boss. "Dulu 20 tahun lepas aku buat filem hantu ni kena reject je bila hantar ke TV station" - What's happening 20 years later.

When Singapore became independence, they was kicked out from Malaysia. But today you know Spore is now a developed country but we're still in developing state. What happened? Spore got no tin, rubber, timber, palmed oil, forest tree, petroleum we got paddy, rubber we got almost all natural resources in the world. But STILL, Singapore is richer than us. Why?


We can have everything but if we don't use our brain on how to do it, it's nothing.

Akal yang beku. Non functioning brain.

Life is not a journey, life is GAME. There will be 3 end conditions:

1. You're the winner
2. You're the average or POOR
3. You're the stupid!

I feel sorry for number 3. They don't even try to fight for their own future. Can't even decide to even play. The number 3 people are people who keep and keep blaming people, the parent the goverment  and keep on attacking instead of do what they suppost to do. In this case, it's OUR choice whether to WATCH to NOT to watch such stupid films

Teringat adik cakap minggu lepas "kak nak tengok Hantu Bonceng" Dapat 8 juta.. Poor these young generations :)

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