At some point of living, you seems like having doubt of who actually you are. This is very crucial part where people tend to find their actual identity of living. They may tend to become those who ain't initially they are. Forgive them. Me myself sometimes even hardly able to distinguish between needs and necessity. Well at least I'll turn back quietly sit and stop being completely moron. Big compliment to education, religion and experience which taught me a lot about this chaotic life.

I may sound cynical. May sounds like complete idiot sometimes. I often misjudge that is why I hardly able to make friends but I couldn't care less, having a lot of friends wont make you even better. Thank you for your acceptance. I often compare my life with others. Terima kasih kerana banyak mengajar aku erti kehidupan. I am happy with my current life. Though I realize I've jump into making few bad habits, I believed that I know what actually I am doing. Keep faith.

Aku cuma harap untuk jadi yang terbaik pada tahun baru ini.

Salam Maal Hijrah 1432H/2010M

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