History is very close to my heart

Today's post will be a little different than what I normally write about. Rasanya masih segar lagi dalam ingatan sewaktu masih lagi di bangku sekolah, tatkala semua orang membentak dan mempersoalkan tentang mengapa perlu belajar Sejarah, aku mesti senyum dan menolak dalam hati. Mengapa perlu mempersoalkan kejadian asal usul kita.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. —George Santayana

Let me point out that I still love history! I'm not sure how to say it but I love history because it's part of my identity. What happened in the past is an integral part of what is happening now and it's personal for me. No matter how much I try to deny it, because I'm an American, the history of this country affects me. It affects me every day whether I like it or not, whether I agree or disagree with the decisions that have been made in the past.

Tak tahu kenapa rupanya sejarah tu dah memang ada dalam diri. Hahaa, masih ingat lagi nota-nota warna warni sejarah mesti akan dapat pujian dari cikgu. Macam biasa cikgu BM dan Sejarah paling sayanglah murid bernama Marina ni, markah selalu terbaik bermomentum sekata. Okbye

Berbalik kepada sejarah, few weeks ago masa kemas almari buku lama suddenly ternampak buku-buku stamp collection yang masih berkeadaan sangat baik. Speechless dan terkedu, rupanya seorang aku belasan tahun dahulu suka mengumpul setem! Padanlah Sejarah tu nampak sangat rapat dalam diri!

 Jadi tiba-tiba perasaan membuak-buak nak cari balik old collection especially sebelum 1957. Setem keluaran Malaya ni memang harga sangat tinggi dan salah satu jenis collection yang paling mahal boleh dijual. Kalau di Ipoh boleh cari barang2 rare ni di Loken, pasar pagi yang rare jadi kat Klang Valley konsep yang sama ada di Amcorp Mall.

Loken, 2009

Yeah memang there's NO other place yang boleh lawan Loken but still at least there's still a Loken look like place here in Klang Valley.. Memang lah takkan boleh lawan Loken but still, this gonna be an option for those yang tak suka jalan waktu panas terik kat Loken. Well kalau awal tak panas lah kan.

Amcorp Mall is a rather unconventional shopping mall compared to many others in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Of course, it can't beat the popular ones in size or class (take Mid-Valley Megamall or Suria KLCC for example), but it certainly has its own charms and it attracts a different sort of crowd.
There are very few of the big, branded retail shops around. Most of the shops can be considered specialist shops, offering goods and services not normally found in other shopping malls including pre owned dress with affordable price!

Amcorp Mall, 2011

There are also quite a few shops selling antiques, and one which sells various types of collectibles. This particular shop is absolutely crammed with things it makes you wonder how to navigate around the place. I had to make sure I keep my arms close to my sides for fear of knocking into anything that could easily break!

So last Saturday was my lucky day. I've a new collector friend called Micheal. For Amcorp Mall frequent visitors, booth Micheal ni terletak next to elevator dekat first level. Luckily he sold a good quality Indonesian 2 1/2 rupiah for only RM4. Rare kot!

    And and to forget my 90 pcs 1943 10c straits settlements stamps. Yeayy!! Remember collectors, everysinglething before 1957 that you collect is a very expensive stuffs, dan for your information, stamps sebelum 1957 disimpan dengan teliti oleh collector2 kt Amcorp Mall unlike other stamps. This is what Micheal told me. I like to dig around and usually would find gems such as interesting table lamps, old posters, books and old magazines kat sini. This will be my favourite haunt on Sunday morning.

    So peeps, mana lah tahu kan, I am a History teacher/lecturer or maybe a sociologist wannabe kan? Yes, I love my country, I love Malaysia and I am ready to serve to the nations. I've found my interest, how bout you? :D

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