How does Flexiroam works (Step by step introduction)

It's no secret that taking your phone overseas can be an expensive decision. If you're not careful, you could easily end up with a bill in the thousands of ringgit, depending of your local telco. Even simple voice calls can run upward of RM5 a minute when you head out of your home networks

Nowadays, people would rather use international simcard to roam whenever their in overseas. However using international simcard is sometimes not a good decision since you can't keep your actual local number and it is hard for you to give your international number to everyone everytime you travel abroad. Really, the only way to avoid the insane prices your current carrier wants to charge is to get rid of the carrier. But not many people are prepared for the hassle of switching carriers.. That's the problem

In previous entry regarding telco rates, some might know understand how much can we save by using Flexiroam.

Flexiroam is A prepaid international mobile roaming service that allows you to stay connected to home (Malaysia) while traveling overseas. With FlexiRoam, you can travel without fear of expensive roaming bills when you return. (Source: http://flexiroam.com/my/)

Why Flexiroam uses prepaid basis, so that you wouldn't fear any hidden charge and you can easily keep track how exactly your phone usage compare to post paid bills.

Here are step by step introduction of how to activate your flexiroam service

Before travel, what do you need to have?

1. Flexiroam credit: RM10 perday so if you're travelling for 10 days, you only need to topup RM100, it is UNLIMITED, you can use it as long as you want without scare of expensive roaming charge

2. Your mobile phone, of course

3. Your Malaysian simcard (Digi, Maxis, Celcom)

4. International simcard, if you're travel to China then you need China local carrier. You can also buy China simcard whenever you reach China. It's anywhere!

Step 1:

Send a text to flexiroam and forward your calls to FlexiRoam. (The SMS guide on command will be given upon buying Flexiroam credit) Once you've done this step, turn off your phone and board the plane. All activation and steps can only be made via SMS. You will receive a unique PIN via SMS to activate Flexiroam. Please take note that only POSTPAID user are eligible to use flexiroam service since most of prepaid line doesn't provide call forwarding service except Digi

Here the SMS step:

1. Inform FlexiRoam to start activating my service.
Send "start" to flexiroam number

Then, You'll received a SMS from FlexiRoam, which explains instructions for the 2nd and the 4th step.

2. Activate call forwarding, so that all subsequent voice calls coming to my mobile number will be diverted to FlexiRoam’s gateway.

After reach oversea, what do you need to do?

Step 2:


1. Switch to oversea simcard

2. Wait for confirmation call from flexiroam


3. Insert Thai SIM card into your phone.


4. Inform FlexiRoam of your overseas number


Then wait for a confirmation SMS and phone call from flexiroam, usually it takes less than 5 minutes.


You can now use your phone by using international simcard but keep your charges, quality and numbers as you're in Malaysia!


But! Don't forget to deactivate your flexiroam roaming service after you reach Malaysia, otherwise you'll still be charge for call forwarding service from your local telco.

 On the next Flexiroam post, I'll be talking about how to make and receive call with Fleaxiroam.
Happy roaming!

Reference: Tiensoon Blog

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