Artificial Intelligence - The solution

Still remember the question that i've given to you in my previous entry? Below is the solution..
In addition to world knowledge, problem solving requires control knowledge which helps decide what to next (e.g., which state to expand next, which operator to apply among the applicable operators etc.)

Different kinds of control knowledge make for different search
strategies and can give rise to quite different solutions.

A possible solution to the water jug problem is

( x, y)

step1 (0, 0)

step2 (0, 3)

step3 (3, 0)

step4 (3, 3)

step5 (4, 2)

step6 (0, 2)

step7 (2, 0)

P/s : You get it babes?

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Aida Zahrol said...

argh...lagi tak paham!

babe..ada masa lecture i pasal ni...geram gile i tak paham satu pun...!!!

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