I sick of myself.

It has been a week. Finally i gt to blog, yes, finally.

I miss blogging damn much. There were many things happened this whole week. I am seriously in pain, suffering from stomach ulcer. It's getting worst day by day. It's kinda hectic week. Yes. and I'll be expecting the same for next week. Its all because of this disease, all things seem like out of my control. Sangat sakit.

Actually, i realized that i am suffering from gastric 2,3 years ago. But it getting serious now.

Klinic UIA sangat sucks.Aku tahu lah aku ada gastric, takkan asyik bg ubat yang sama if tak de pape effect. Unless ade some improvement ok lah kan.. ni nothing. damn lahh.

On wednesday evening i had a marketing class at 2pm.

Sakit sangat and aku suddently cried sebab tak thn sangat.. And Anis ask me to get the medical check up out side the campus. She drove to the clinic. Mom accompanied me and after that i consult the doc.

He said that my gastric get serious. Bahagian ulu hati tu dah bengkak and ada ulcer on it..i was like OMG! OMG! OMG!

And seriously i tell you what, i cannot stop myself from eating pedas2..but apparently, it seems that it is the main cause of getting this disease!

Oh my..

Please help myself. I afraid of diseases. I sick of eating medicine. I afraid of operation theater. I get mad of myself. Penyakit ulcer dlm perut ni mmg painful gila!!

tolong berhenti makan pedas!


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