The commencement of Semester 1 2008/2009

And this is my second year of degree. My self-esteem getting lower by day. Yes, its all because of majoring unfinished problem. Mom cerita, masa dia dalam kelas IT Security, lecturer bagi tahu yang one of KICT student has been caught sebab kutuk2 lecturer dalam blog. hahaaaa.. itu kelakar. sumpah.

At the first place for me, majoring either in IT or Computer Science seems like doesn't have any different to KICT student. But, if suddenly people start to distinguished them like IT untuk orang bodoh dan Computer Science bagi budak2 pandai, itu adalah statement sangat menjengkelkan okay!

Yes, i admit to enroll yourself to become a bachelor of computer science student, you must get at least B in programming, maths and ICO. But, what if coincidently the lecturer tu nak dajal student and semua dalam kelas tu dalam C dalam maths? incomplete lecture on short semester.. 4 weeks out of 7 weeks yg ada just to spend belajar truth table yang at last, tak keluar langsung kt final??

Ia sangat tidak adil. Jadi bagaimana masa depan student yang memang bijak pada awalnya?
tiap2 sem dean's list and when she was in matriculation centre she managed to get B+,A-,A- and B+,A,A dalam math 1,2 and 3 ?? Keep on maintaining our cgpa 3.3 and above .. Keep on being a best student in class..

A pointer and your cgpa doesn't help you at all?

Apa ni? its up to student lah to decide what major they supposed and wished to study. Sebab math dapat C and the whole subject lain dapat A,A,A,A- and paling teruk pn B, terus tak dapat continue in BCS. Sangat kejam dunia ni!!

And now, its up to people to judge. Majoring in IT doesn't mean u sucks. Be as a Computer Sc. student doesn't mean u smart. Adakah anda rasa jadi CS student boleh mantain paling bangsat 3.3 and achieve 3.5 every semester? if it so, prove it distinguisher!

p/s: i started to hate judgmentalsss..sebab semua mereka ada mental disorder!


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