Technology does help!

Kadang2 aku pelik apsal seeorang lelaki tu tak nak kawan dengan seorang pmpn tu sebab pmpn tu dah ada bf.. pelik.. At the first place memang good friend lah..Tapi since that girl ada bf, dia pulak dah mcm tak kenal that girl.. Assuming that boy ada sorts of feelings lah kt pmpn ni..

Kenapa ehh, tak boleh ke kawan je..Anggap je lah tak ada jodoh kan.. Common sense, if you love somebody, you will wish a happiness for them, kan? and if you really want to avoid me by deleting my url in your blog and think I'm not going to get you wrong( since you are changing your template and url quite often, you wrong mann! pffft!!

And I know you always visiting my blog..I'm not stupid..

Referring url you often coming from : http://aniely86.blogspot.com/ (sorry Janie)
Your IP Address : 202.170.60#
ISP : One of the splendid Universities in the country

Gosshh mann, I'm not stupid, is it hard to make friends? If you totally hate me, tell me that you are, don't get me wrong. I never delete you, you are still my friend, anyhow.

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