Slapping my forehead

Well, I'm not slapping my forehead just yet, since the answers (so far) each take their own approach. I can't wait to find out what the final result is regarding their relationship.. I am now starting to make my personal observation and definitely doing some hypothesis! As I learned trough my Artificial Intelligence class, they are a lot of techniques to gain a knowledge, and I'll use any of those ways to find any news about them provided that they will never know my existence.

Yeahh, probably in 5 or six month before you can step on my back and simply said that I am stupid.. but now, you wish! I realize that I am recover from the nightmare I had before eventhough it's ain't perfectly healed. I try to face to fact and slowly adapt the reality now. I secretly believe Allah has His own plaaning to all His servants and I am not the one who are eligible to ask eventhough I am not happy.

*Silently scream*

Ohh my Lord, I know you hear me. I know I am not supposed to ask this and to question on that. But I am perfecly fragile. I literally feel down. I feel gloomy deep inside my hearts. Yeahh, I am happy with my life right know. Yes, everything ain't the same anymore. and never be the same anymore..

idc, I just wanna you die, thats it..


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