Hey babes out there. It has been a while since the last time I wrote here aite. A week before the break was a very hectic week. A lot of killer-subject's assignments need to be submitted before the break. HAHAAA..java yang paling kelakar first time in my life hantar assignment yang tak complete a.k.a tak siap.. Lantak lahh,, I try slowly to learn JAVA but it is very hard for me to understand the concept.. I do love programming, but seriously, JAVA ain't easy to learn!

Alhamdulliah, sbb raya lecturer extend due date marketing. Tu pun after raya there will be A LOOTT of unsettled work that need to be settled or else mati!! Mommm, hanneys cepat2 kita siapkan before bukak ni.. Kalau tak ada yang mintak keluar group lagi kang..hahaaa.. ingat ni babe. there are PLENTY of works need to be done! BAHAHAHA! i.d.c so what kan? Alaa, eventhough kita buat last minute pn the KERTAS KERJA, we was the first group yang submit dulu, kan kan?

Cuti ni tak dapat tdo byk! WAaa, pagi2 dah kena bangun pergi sana pergi sini. Penat gila. Rumah dah mcm kapal karam. Tak pe2, esok kita kemas keh? ok lahh, to be continued

Taaa for now!

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