My Laptop got infected with a malicious virus!

Ok, I'll try to be calm!!! [randomly sacarstic]

Uwargghh,, my lappy is currently like hell..its like millions of malware, spyware and mother of the fucking trojan virus spreading like oxygen in my system.. its kinda fucking slow rite now!! Ohh goshh, executing Java and C++ actually made it spread faster and suddently unwanted files were found in the system!! demm!

Apparently, despite the fact that I have an antivirus, it also could not detect any.. It's like, slumber kau je scan, without detect those viruses!! RECYCLER,AUTOPLAY and so many familiar viruses appeared i believe comes from my faculty computer laborotories.. hellya..


Thanks to my brother, he gives me an Avira Premium edition with appropriate license valid until 2017, omg!! i fell better now.. lalaala..


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