Knowledge Management in Islam

Life is all about planning, managing and organizing. Nowadays, every single thing including tiny programs in our daily life needs proper management technique and skills. It is very crucial to each and every one of us. Key point here is how smart are you in managing something.

Knowledge is very general and wide; it is like an asset to us, not only important but also comprises a range of strategies and practices to manage. We will gain knowledge explicit or implicitly by any means regardless of time and place. Knowledge involves creating, identifying, capturing, organizing, disseminating, reusing and sharing the knowledge among communities. If once upon a time before we suffered from lack of information, today, information flows at an unprecedented rate. We have thus moved from shortage to, in some cases, glut or excessive knowledge. How to deal with too much information is a major challenge for knowledge management.

According to a journal that I’ve read, KM started earlier in Europe and Australia. However, Islam has long started knowledge management by converting Al Quran verses into the explicit Al Quran today. The first KM in Islam started when Muhammed (saw) first commit the Revelation of Quran to memory after Jibreel (as) had conveyed it to him. Quran was not transmitted in one single shot but was documented stage by stage; this shows how well Allah has managed the knowledge. Since the first ayat that had been revealed to prophet until how he delivers the knowledge to believers, it had been organized efficiently and precisely by our beloved prophet. Skills are important.

The life of a Muslim has been pretty well defined with clear boundaries and limitations to enable us to focus towards the hereafter. Without proper management, knowledge may harm human. People make use of knowledge to do harm which won’t benefit others but themselves. They misuse the knowledge that had been given by Allah not to benefit mankind but to create disaster to ruin community throughout universe. Thus, knowledge is needed to enhance the teaching, methods and practices of QURAN and HADITH create good value for all mankind. The need to manage knowledge and encourage discussions in KM in Islam is to provide the platform for us to go back to basic - to QURAN and HADITH. KM in Islam will highlight the malpractices of Muslims today - the government, politics, economy, social system, legal practice, ethics, banking, cultural etc. With indigenous Islamic knowledge, we will be able to initiate a global KM in Islam and ultimately set some standards according to Islamic perspective


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