Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones

Even in the ever sinking economy, people are snapping up smartphones like nobodies business. The mobile internet age is finally dawning. ”Feature” phones and “dumb” phones still have some fight in them though as not everyone needs the world at their finger tips. But how smart your smartphones can go? Do those who have smartphones, are really smart anyway? The answer is totally not!

One of our skills as human beings is to adapt to situations and sometimes we have to change the way we interact with others to fit in. In certain cases it is possible that video games, electric devices, music, etc. have an addictive effect, however, in such cases, those are only symptoms to much severe problems that one has to take into account.

Now I do see lots of people at my age, at the University, using their so called smartphones to send messages via facebook to a boyfriend/girlfriend or even a partner sitting half a meter to his/her left. That's what I call crazy - yes I do think Facebook makes you stupid, not because of the whole package and the privacy issues, no, because people could spend a lot of money to pay monthly subscription just to get into Facebook!. What if our monthly smartphone plan for internet user raised up to 50% higher from its normal rates? Thus anyone of us still using facebook anyway? That's the reason why.. Everyone could dying waiting for email sms and notifications from their smartphones. HAHA.

Whenever someone wants to contact me I do have an email address (actually I have 2), a phone at home with 240 min of recording time and an i-phone smarphone. And in general I do like to meet with them in person to discuss matters directly, emails are ok too. Now there are much more things we do on those devices. Some of them like email clients and office applications are very helpful when you need to edit important docs on the go. Personally I do use the plethora of applications such as mail attachment support, wide languages dictionary and wifi connectivity. But it comes to cost, I'm rather die mann!

Affordability is one of the main reasons why 93 million Americans do not have broadband at home, a recent Federal Communications Commission survey found. In order to understand what is keeping many Americans from subscribing to broadband, the FCC conducted a consumer survey of over 5,000 American adults in late 2009.

The survey identified three main barriers to adoption:


digital literacy,

and relevance.

About 36 percent of the 28 million adults who said they don't subscribe to broadband at home said that the monthly fee for broadband was is too expensive, they can't afford a computer, or the installation fee is too high.

This scenario happens not only in U.S but Malaysia. I only do about 25 phone calls a month so to me it is a multimedia player with phone capabilities. Even I am using smartphones, I don't either use the application often, since it cost me money for every single clicks! I do think that most people do not buy smartphones because of that. It is more like:

"Mom I need this new phone
- Why? -

"Because it has touchscreen and is so cool"
- But you already have one? -
"All my friends have one.."

However with Digi smartplan, I could say to my mom,

"Mom, I wanna buy new smartphones because I'm gonna use the applications often, I can make phone calls with low rates, I can wi-fiing anytime at anywhere for how long as I want to since the monthly subscription is soooo cheap only RM68 monthly rather than using home broadband with slow connectivity and pay more than 110 per month. With Digi smartplan, I can download any files from documents to youtube only in a second! it makes us not only smarter but cooooler..Hehe..


"You can contact your good friend at abroad, auntie Marlia with cheaper rates mom!! since this plan cost only
RM36/day for unlimited data roaming to 6 countries. Lets us Roam smart!!"

"I can call papa every time he went for outstation, call smart mom!!"

"Overused internet? don't worry because with Digi smartplan, we can surf smart use more, save more!!"

"What are we waiting for momma? Lets subsribe this plan and save smart!!"

Rumor has it that this plan could be hitting Malaysia as soon as this year. Texters and non-techie people…are you excited?

I am sooo excited mann!! Let's join the partayyy...yehuuu~

This is no run-of-the-mill party; it’s gonna be a costume party, and the theme is Prisoners and Villains. Think vile villains like the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland, the Joker from Batman, Dr Evil from Austin Powers, Mojo Jojo from the PowerPuff Girls – you can let your imagination go wild with this one, and with a theme like this you know it’s gonna be one party you’d wanna bust out of jail for.

The DiGi Break Free party will be held at the time, date and venue below:

Date: 29 May 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 6pm – 10pm
Venue: Ecoba, Lot No. B-G-02, Level 1 Menara Bata (Tower B), PJ Trade Centre, No. 8 Jalan PJU 8/8a Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya (please click here for a location map)

If the costumes don’t get your attention yet, wait till you hear about the prizes DiGi is giving away. Oh yes, with us, the parties always come with prizes to kill for. Check out the list below for a list of prizes that could very well be yours:

Best pre-event blog post – Blackberry Bold 9700
Best-dressed blogger at the party – HTC Legend
Best post-event blog post – Blackberry Bold 9700
Runner-up for post-event blog post – Blackberry Curve 8250

Don't you exited? I am sooo can't wait for the event!!

Lets us;

Call Smart,

Save Smart,

Roam Smart

and Surf Smart friends!!

Only with Digi


Aida Zahrol said...

promote digi pula? :D

Marina Ina said...

babe...i masuk contest la..saje2 masuk..xde keje.. haha

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