It's just a birthday wish.

They say a best friend,
Is always there.
Good times bad times,
Special times for anything anywhere.
So here I am,
Standing here today,
At this special moment
So wish you a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to you,
You're a year older now.
Happy Birthday to you,
You're growing. WOW!
Happy Birthday to you,
Life's not as short as they say.

If so,
I wouldn't be able to see you today.
To be almost grown,
How does it feel?
And be able to tell the difference between what's fake and what's real.
Though I didn't see you from the beginning,
I get to see you to the end..i wish,

From a seed to flower,
But not quite yet you're only at the stem.
But when you start to blossom,
I'll still be here.
To know you made it all right,
Up until then.
When it hurts to look back,
And you're scared to look ahead.
Just right beside you,
And your best friend is here,
We'll always be best friend,
From now until the end.

p/s : Happy birthday Aida Zahrol, you are my best friend,
May your wish comes true,
God Bless,
Lotsa Loft,


Aida Zahrol said...

darling...thank you sangat...

appreciate tau...

xoxo tuk u...!!!

Aida Zahrol said...


there is no such special gift to a birthday than having the bestfriends in my heart.

been craving ur name in my heart, babe~

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