The bloggers' award

Wahh!! it's kinda intresting! Thanks to Aniely sbb bagi saya award ni!! Thanks Janie.. hehe. Terasa femes sekejap dengan award ni.. And i shall continue this since currently i've no idea nak post apa2 yang interesting, so watch out ppl, if your blog is awarded by me.. :P

_____________________ My Blogger Award ________________________

  • Dia head Sampah Society namun sangatlah mesra alam
  • Setiap kali shout kt blog dia mesti akan reply punya no matter what
  • And sporting juga!


  • Memang tiada blog sehebat blog Xifu ini!
  • Splendid blog yet interesting, no doubt fer sure.
  • As an info for bloggers including myself! :x


  • I admire her wrinting
  • I love to read her words
  • Pengolahan sintaksis ang mantap dan hebat sekali!

Farah Lina
  • She's only 16 years old, but her writing kinda adorable
  • Her blog will be updated frequently
  • She's smart and so her journal
  • But she's not in my list and mine also

  • Orange color di blog Janie ni sangat chomel!
  • Sebab background gambar dia yang chomel
  • Dan juga posting dia banyak letak pic2 yang chomel
  • Janie memang chomel juga!! ;)
Aida Zahrol

  • She's my dear friend
  • Recently update her template yang sangat cun
  • Sebab dia cun dan hot juga blog dia
  • Posting2 juga cun habes!
=)) =))



  • Dia Solehah, she's a girl
  • But she's kinda 'handsome' dalam journalnya di blognya
  • Boleh kan if nak anugerahkan dia?
  • She's pretty yet handsome.. :p

P/s : Repost this if you wish people.. ;)


mirul said...

bule gatal
bule gatal

Darkz05 said...

fuh~ bestnya ada anugerah =)

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