I memang fanatik, so??

This Friday will be my first Accounting test. Bloody stupid, I only managed to get half of the marks on first quiz and I failed on the second quiz. Yes, how pathetic I am!! I learn and learn what bloody hell accounting is but I sucks in order to be able being familiar with the terms..But I failed and failed few times. The questions mock me up babes! And how to mock me up eh? Today I see how we manage to answer it with specific answer(provided that we have previous student sheet. Shit!) And tomorrow I answer the same question but I went wrong babe! Setan gila, kann?

Point number one, I am computer-literate person, I always use google to help me up doing bloody assignment. I just type the question, and yes, I could easily find the answer.. Well yes, I can't do my assignment without googling those idiots and uhh, how desperate does that it sounds kan? haha, don't mind me..only god knows how I feel right now.. How I wish I was born in 1985 or at least, I've graduated earlier than this stupid year! errrr, scratch that? and i really meant that..

do we have a choice?
*shake head.
well, since we have no choice,
i reckon we need to live with it - by hook or by crook.
god i hope everything's gonna be okay.

And this Friday is actually 4th Sept and I am study right here, today in my house doing this fucking exercise for only I know why.


It is still soo fucking early baby. Yeah, well, I must say, for sure it will be a great time with a capital B. *ear to ear beam.

It's Bittersweet show on 3rd September lah!!!

Stressful nyaa!!!

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